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Friday, 5 July, 2019

Everything Is A Magic Trick

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Magic, if done well, creates awe.

It inspires all sorts of irrational thoughts…
Does this person have superpowers?
I’m pretty sure they can read my mind.
How did he DO THAT?!
But if you talk to any magician, they’ll tell you the same thing…
It’s actually very simple.

It’s very unsexy.
You put this card here, you distract the audience, and BAM (cut to audience freaking out).
So much of life is a magic trick.
We see successful people and think the same thing…
They’re special.
They have some kind of super-ability that I don’t.
But again, look behind the scenes.
The solution is so glaringly obvious you’ll feel dumb for not having thought about it.
It always comes down to two things: study and practice.
Anyone who is successful in any endeavor just learned the basic steps they had to take, and they took them--over and over again.
But we want to believe in fantasy. In magic.
Because it gives us an excuse.

It means we don’t have to try.

But if we’re willing to peek behind the curtain.

If we’re willing to believe that we too could be magicians…

If we’re committed to learning the steps and taking them...

We’ll quickly realize that we are no different from anyone else.

That we are just as capable.

And that is the real magic.



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