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Friday, 30 August, 2019

F*ck Normal

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As humans, we mimic.

We see something someone else does.

And we instinctively imitate.

This is even more true when it comes to groups.

It’s a classic sales technique.

You’re more likely to buy or do something if a group similar to you buys or does that thing.

And for a lot of life, that’s good.

When you see people run out of a building screaming, you should probably run too.

When people tell you a food is poisonous, it’s probably smart not to eat it.

But there’s so much nowadays that’s considered ‘normal’.

That we blindly accept as true.

But that isn’t.

And I wanted to get a few of those out there.


Here we go…

“Meditation is for hippies.”

Nope, meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress hormones, boost the immune system, increase focus and reduce major depression and binge eating.  

“No one actually likes their job…so stop complaining.”

Untrue. You better like your job. You’ll be doing it for half of your waking life. If you don’t like it, keep looking.

“You’ll need to take out a loan.”

Whether it’s student loans, credit cards or a huge mortgage, avoid debt at all costs. And I didn’t make that up. That’s Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban’s advice too. Debt locks you down and forces you to revolve your life around it. Don’t let it control you. Don’t go into debt. And if you're currently in debt, get out as fast as you can.

“What do you mean you haven’t binge watched that Netflix show? Everyone’s seen it!”

Don’t get me wrong, I watch movies and TV shows. But I don’t binge. Especially content that won’t do me any good; content that won’t inspire me to become a better person or teach me anything. Someone who's watched every episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has spent 4 days and 15 hours…glued to a screen. Those 111 hours could’ve been spent reading some life changing books. You probably don't watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but you get the point...think twice before you turn on the TV. 

“Everyone’s gonna be drinking. Have a beer!” 

Same goes for any kind of drug. I’m not going to bash having a beer. Everyone has their own tolerance level. But I’ve found that being sober leaves a person more energetic, happy and way less anxious. There are thousands of studies that prove just that as well.

(Silence because you’re staring down at your phone)

This is normal everywhere you go. Schools, workplaces, parties, events, bus stops. You name it. When people get nervous nowadays they go straight to their phones. Scrolling endlessly to avoid engaging with those around them. Our phones have become adult teddy bears. We shut down and go to them the second we feel nervous. Stop. Leave your phone in your pocket. Work through the discomfort of talking to a stranger. And watch your world gradually open up the more you do it.

There are many more examples, but you get the point…

Normality is a death trap.

It’ll restrict you.

Tie you down.

Force you to conform.

Normality is lazy.

It’s ignorant.

It’s decision making without analysis.

It’s no good for you.

Or for anyone for that matter.

So, question normal.

Do what feels right for you.

And life will open itself up to you.



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