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Friday, 29 May, 2020

Good Thing From Bad Times

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Let's talk about good things.

Let”s talk about good news.

Every-time you turn on the news its the stock market crash, people dying, everyone is upset or anything oh my god.

Let me just add this here.

The greatest people in the history of all time are doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, police officers, the army, and volunteers.

They are the people who are literally putting their own bodies and lives in danger to come out and help everybody else.

For a very little or no pay. Insane!

Thank you all the healthcare workers.

If you know anybody who works in healthcare, police, army, or is a volunteer, go and thank them.

Stop reading and thank them and then come back. 

I want to talk about good news — good things.

Good things that have come out of bad things.

It is really really really important to focus on the endgame.

What is the best that can come from what we are going through right now.

Let’s go back in history.

Gravity, discovered by Issac Newton, came out of the bubonic plaque.

Fast forward to the great depression. 

Lasted almost 10 years.

People like content.

Two guys started doing comic books.

They’re about to go into World War II.

People needed a hero.

Superman was born. 

Basketball came out of a depression. 

The amount of things that have come out of quarantines, diseases, recessions and depressions are mind-boggling.

Scary times are the mother of invention.

Financial stress breeds invention over anything else.

Right now, more than 1 billion people are quarantined at home.

A lot of them are losing their jobs. Every single day.

May be you’re one those people.

May be you’re sick or know someone who is sick.

I feel for you.

Use that fear and anger you have against this disease.

And your employer for having to let you go.

But also understand that they had to, they didn’t want to but they had to.

Empathise with them.

Understand that your new wall is this virus.

Come out of self isolation better than ever before.

A better you.

Better than ever before.

Go for what you want.

You have time now.



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