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Friday, 1 January, 2021

Life of Colour

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If you were given a life of black & white,

Would you seek it upon yourself to find some colour?

Leave your comfort zone, see what you discover. 

It's upto us to choose the full spectrum of colour & chaos.

It's the red flush on your face when you lock eyes with your lover,

And leaning into moments that make your stomach flutter.

A life of colour isn't always vibrant.

It's acknowledging the grey space that comes with misalignment.

Permitting the hesitations that cross your mind to filter through. 

Accepting yourself even when you're feeling blue.

When was the last time when your heart beat synced with the sound of drums.

Immerse yourself in that.

And see what your life becomes.

Life of colour is living in the presence.

Asking the hard questions.

Because that's where the real growth begins. 

And when you find your light dimming.

Surrender to the flow. 

You're living a life of colour.

Which means.

Every shade of the rainbow. 



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