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Friday, 29 October, 2021

My Biggest Investment

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Great investors play the long game.

Be it stocks, startups, real estate, crypto, you name it.

They don’t get phased by short-term dips.

They don’t panic when everyone else around them is selling off.

They do the opposite. They stay steady and buy more.

They know the seas will calm.

That the companies will get back on their feet & the value will pick back up.

Life is a lot like the stock market.

Dips are inevitable.

Some dips last weeks. Others, years.

You get fired from your job, you lose someone you love, you get sick.

When you’re in the dip there’s a tendency to think you’ll be there forever.

And yet, with time, that line starts to creep back up again.

You begin to reinvest in yourself. To trust in tomorrow’s possibilities. To get your energy back.

And soon you become mature.

Maturity means coming to peace with the dips.

Understanding that they will continue to come. But because you’ve gone through them before, they won’t affect you as much.

Instead, like a great investor, you will stay calm and use them as opportunities to learn and grow.

You will reinvest in yourself. The most important investment you can make.

And you will become priceless.



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