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Friday, 1 May, 2020

Step On The Empty Road

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It has to start somewhere.

It has to start somehow.

A better place than here.

A better time than now.

A cemetery is a goldmine of ideas and dreams.

Opportunities never taken.

New roads never driven.

Were some of them afraid?

Were some of them happy living an average life?

Did they really go that far to only go that far?

You’re comfortable.

You’ve convinced yourself.

You are everything you were capable of and don’t deserve anything more.

You’re still stuck at that job you hate.

You haven’t talked to the guy or girl you’ve wanted to talk to.

Or lose that weight you’ve been wanting to lose.

Right Now.

This very moment.

There is a new empty road waiting for you.

An opportunity to move forward.


When no one else is around.

A road with infinite possibilities.

It simply starts with you, deciding to start.

It may mean cutting out negative friends.

Getting rid of things that don’t add value to your life.

Or quitting that job that makes you miserable.

It starts with just taking the first step on that empty road.



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