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Friday, 15 May, 2020

The 1000 Minute Rule

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There are 24 hours.

60 minutes in an hour.

1440 minutes.

Every single day you’re alive.

That means you get a 1000 minutes every day.

To make shit happen.

Do you realise how long a minute is?

You would have probably left this newsletter if it took more than a minute to read.

Some of you are bored.

Somebody just clicked away.

You couldn’t read for 5 seconds.

You need to start auditing your time.

What are you wasting your time on?

What did you spend 30 minutes on?

Take hold of your 1000 minutes.

Do better with it.

Get things you can’t afford.

Budget the cost.

Take credit.

Maximise your time.

Used 10 minutes watching amazing YouTube videos?

Save 10 minutes when you bath.

Plan your 1000 minutes.

Plan Ahead.

This is your bank of time.

Everyday, you will get up, richer.

Everyday, it will replenish, itself.

Until one day it doesn’t.

You’re the CEO of your bank

Use the 1000 minutes now to build up for the 1000 minutes you’ll have 10 years later.

Use your time wisely.




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