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Friday, 26 November, 2021

The Secret to Creativity

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Walt Disney said he knew his animators were working at peak performance when he saw them sitting and staring out of the office window for hours.

Not drawing.

Not doing research.

Not stuck in draining meetings.

Just listening to themselves.

Paying attention to what was coming up.

The ability to listen to ourselves has become a lost art. 

We live in a culture of go, go, go.

If you’re not doing you're dying.

Social media convinces us that everyone is ten steps ahead and that we’re never doing enough.

To take a few hours to stop and think with no distractions would be insane. 

To go on a walk without our phones feels impossible.

So, we let others decide for us. 

We wait for the next inspirational video or the new self improvement book to tell us what to do. 

We think the answers will come from elsewhere.

Without realizing that we already have them.

All of them.

But they require that we get quiet. That we put away the phones. The distractions. The unpleasant chatter.

That we give ourselves the required space to look around.

To look within.

To allow the solutions to voice themselves.

And when we do.

We’ll be guided exactly to where we need to go.



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