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Friday, 7 June, 2019

You're So Weird

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I hate the word weird.

With a burning passion.

Calling something weird is judgmental.

It’s ignorant.

It’s rushing to conclusions.

“That’s weird” are the two ugliest words in the English language.

They are a cop out.

They exhibit a lack of willingness to understand.

To dig deeper.

To see what’s beneath the surface.

‘Weird’ and ‘normal’ are cultural constructs.

They’re societal norms that have been forced upon you.

Something is only considered normal if the majority has accepted it.

Something is only considered weird if the majority has declined it.

But should public opinion really be our measuring stick for what we choose to do? 

I mean, group mentality is most often wrong.

So don’t trust other people’s standard for weird.

Being vulnerable isn’t weird.

Quitting a job you hate isn’t weird.

Chasing a dream isn’t weird.

Trusting a stranger isn’t weird.

Protesting isn’t weird.

What’s weird is a society that considers endemic obesity, inequality, environmental degradation, and mental illness normal. 

It’s all twisted.

It’s all backwards.

So, you decide for yourself.

Challenge the norms.

Chase your weird dreams.

Own your inner weirdness.

Wear it as a badge of honor.

Because if they tell you that you’re weird.

You’re probably doing it right.



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