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Friday, 15 November, 2019

Your Next Chapter

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If you were writing the book about your life, what would the next chapter look like?

Would you give up?

Would you jump into the unknown?

How would you react?

Great books surprise us.

They take us on adventures we could’ve never dreamed of.

None of us would read a book that starts and ends in the same place.

We’d be disappointed by a character who refuses to change.

We’d feel uninspired by someone who doesn’t challenge themselves.

Who doesn’t at least take a chance.

This is you.

You are the main character.

If you’re stuck on where to go next.

If you’re disappointed with where you’re at. 

If you feel like things just aren’t working out.

Think about this…

If you turned the next page of your life.

If the next chapter began.

If it could be anything.

If you could be anything.

What would be the most thrilling next scene?

What would get your heart pumping?

Who would you become?

Do that. 

Be that character.

Pick up that pen.

Make that decision.

Become the author of your own wild story.



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