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I’ll be clear, I did not like Delhi. The whole place smells a lot different. I don’t hate Delhi but it truly made me realise how good Bombae is. Don't get me wrong, the city still has some very beautiful areas but the whole package doesn't seem that interesting.

The heat is too much. The heat hits you instead of warming. It roasts your body and it really is too hot. As the sun sets down, the city does too. Everything shuts at 9:00 p.m.

Everything is so very far from each other. You have to travel so much just to get from one spot to other. Also, the place is not very well connected. The place is vast and metro connects a lot of places but it isn’t enough, any meaningful place is still at a distance.

The people. They aren’t friendly, they are naturally rude towards outsiders and don’t expect much from them. Anybody selling anything is there to ‘loot’ you. They sell things for 5x the price. You have to bargain, everywhere. The rickshaws are not by meter, but the real problem is the price they quote.

If you look for a mediocre hotel, you won’t find any. It is either a local hotel or a good classy chain. Delhi receives a lot of tourists. The monuments and structures are great but they should be maintained at the same time.

Inspite all this, the problem is that the city confuses you. It is too vast and too slow. It has so many ways but no organisation. It can provide facilities but it can’t regulate it.

The smell I talked about? The place smells of urine. Every area has a public restroom that is literally public. There is piss flowing out of the public toilets and covering the roads. Littering is very common and clean area is a rare find. Delhi, being our capital, needs to be less hostile.


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