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Fitness is Greatness | 100-day Challenge

A few months ago, I started gaining weight & I was really cool about it because you know how does it matter, eh? I also felt that it is all a cycle. You gain weight & you loose weight. It just happens that way. But, I was wrong. It is not that easy. Loosing weight is a lot more difficult & requires a lot of dedication.

Lately, I have realised that being fit is a very important part of your life. It affects all the aspects of you and changes everything. It starts slow by affecting productivity but in no time steals everything from you. You become lazy but you never know how it starts affecting your work and your will to continue doing something great. It also has negative effects on health but I don't need to tell you'll about that. I have seen people spend millions in a hospital when they could have easily saved a few on junk and maintain a better health at the same time. This has to stop.

In an attempt to go back fit again, I have forced myself to take up a 100-day fitness challenge. I urge everyone of you to do the same. Start with a mere 15-min exercise and see where it takes you. Trust me, only 15-min is all that's needed. Also, don't mistake this for an original idea. This has started after seeing DanRam (Daniel Ramamoorthy) speak about how fitness is necessary for greatness and after procrastinating a lot lot, I have finally decided to give it a shot. For the next 100 days, I promise to exercis to for at least 30 minutes without any excuses and without any complaints. I truly believe that these 100 days would change my life and encourage everyone around me as well. I hope a lot of people take this up with me and it also changes their lives.


Here's a link to DanRam's Instagram post about Fitness = Greatness.


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