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Why do I use an iPhone?

I use an iPhone 6 in 2019. It is officially outdated now but I really can't give it up.

[Disclaimer: There is no emotional context to this post.]

I have been deeply invested into the Apple ecosystem and I believe it really is a wonderful thing. It has been five years since I use the iPhone 6 and more than eight from when I started using an iPhone. What I love about the phone is the ease and simplicity it provides. The interface is simple and there are not many options to toggle or choose from. That is something I love about it. I know many of you will want full customisation over their phones and control all the features but that isn't me. I want something that doesn't give me a lot of choices. It just makes your life easy. I have also used a jailbroken iPhone once and it is amazing but I tend to switch back. I like simplicity, I like minimalism. Also, what I hate about the others Operation Systems is the updates and security it provides, almost nil. With Apple, it's simple. I recently read an article how Google tracks everything, literally. If you spend money, it knows and if you have location services switched off, it still knows. For us, that may not be important but imagine how much Google is mining through your data. It knows what you like, dislike, wear, hate, love, bought and probably what you'll buy next. The Pixel also doesn't provide a seamless experience to users and neither does OnePlus. OnePlus pushes updates quickly and so does Nokia but to be honest, neither of them have a good reputation for protecting consumer privacy. OnePlus sold data to China a few years back. Also, being a Chinese brand, you never know when something will be pulled away from you and what you are sharing with them. Apple is also a foreign brand and believe me, if India ever makes a privacy centric phone, I would buy it first. Inspite of all the less features and less customisations it offers, I still believe iPhone is the best phone in the market because of the company that makes it. The company is focused on consumer and privacy. Though expensive, I think privacy matters more than anything else.



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