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It's easing, gradually

The nationwide lockdown was extended for four more weeks on Sunday - 31st May, 2020, to 30th June, 2020. We all have four more weeks which we'll be spending at home. We all know what is permitted and what isn't and I am not here to tell you that.

Right now, everyone is probably frustrated from the lockdown being extended again and again. So am I. But the truth is that these steps are extremely crucial. The government also realises your restlessness and is easing restrictions, zone-wise. It will all be over, very soon. From the past few weeks, I have been writing only about coronavirus and anything related to China but it has become necessary. I agree that not many people read the blog regularly or entirely as a matter of fact but for the ones that do, I need to make sure I share what's needed. I have planned a lot of new topics to make and I will release them very soon.

This lockdown is termed as UNLOCK 1 instead of being a proper lockdown. We cannot lift up the lockdown all of a sudden, it would be reckless and have a more catastrophic impact on us. The good thing is that things are easing now. A lot of restrictions are lifted. Things are getting better. The cases are coming out. The recovering rate is rising. After a rainy day, there is always a sunny day. Just stay strong & hope everything goes well.

This is our only chance to save our nation and we have to do nothing but just stay at home. These hardships are nothing compared to what happens if we don't follow the lockdown. I request you to stay home and help in our little way.

Days we've been lockdown:


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