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It’s My Birthday

So, from midnight, I will officially be 21. WOAHH! 21. It's a lot. Considering the average Indian life expectancy and degrading quality of living, I have almost spent a third of my life, already. So, this birthday, on turning twenty-one, I have decided to make the best of the next year. I'll make 21 promises to myself and fulfil them before turning 22. A few "goals" if you will.

I promise to get fitter this year. I have gained weight and it is not concerning but being fit is always a better option. Focusing on staying fit everyday, instead of worrying about long time illness and unfit body. I believe everyone should focus on their health and I have been procrastinating to exercise all this while but I will take that up now. Starting with, YOGA.

I promise to make new friends and travel more. I have always been a sort of home stuck person. I don't really like to leave my home unless it's really necessary. Outing for a day is equal to no plans for two months. I have decided to change that this year. I will travel more, go out more and spend more time outside than at home.

I am also promising myself to go out on at least one trip along with my friends this year. It's my last year in college and trust me, these are some of the best people anyone can ever have. I want to go a trip with them, doesn't matter where but with all of them.

Apart from these, I have taken up a few micro-tasks but there a few spots left empty. So, I would like to know what you think should be my tasks. Comment on this post to let me know.


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