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Life After Lockdown

A lot of us currently in the self-quarantine & lockdown period are thinking: “Things will get back to normal soon.” On one hand, it’s good to focus on the immediate, not get ahead of ourselves. This will keep us sane. However, treating Covid-19 like some sort of a big storm that will eventually blow over is practically stupid. A storm dies down. A pandemic doesn’t. Its residual impact will haunt us longer than the spectre of 26/11. With no sign of the end of the tunnel yet in India, it’s time that we brace ourselves and adjust our expectations.

Sure, being ordered by the government rankles most of us. But it’s a sacrifice we can get used to, if only for a while. It’s critical to stay home — not just for your own health but to minimize the risk to others. By that, we really mean, “Don’t take it lightly. This is serious.” Several weeks ago, my friends in China shared their initial euphoria after the ban was lifted. They rejoiced to get back to the office and see their co-workers. They even filmed the traffic as it slowly rebounded on the streets of Shenzhen, calling it a sign of new promise. But today, several weeks after returning to work, everyone remains on guard. People wear masks not just during the commute, but on the job. During lunch, not just in the company ca