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Consider this job posting: "No degree or prior experience required - salary and hours non-negotiable, no paid benefits & lifelong tenure.” The job title is Mom.

In the midst of the change happening in the world today, what a gift it is to pause and be thankful for mothers in anticipation of Mother’s Day. We want to honor mothers and remember how their love and sacrifice are some of the greatest acts of heroism in this hurting world. And with your support, moms are getting the help they need to raise their children well. Tell your mother that you love her and that you want to see her happy. They don't ask fro anything from us, ever but it is our job to keep her happy. You'll always be her little kid no matter how old you grow. The lockdown prevents us from going out or buying her anything special but today, sit with her and watch her favourite movie. Today, honestly don't spend time on this blog, go and spend your day with your mom.

I want to thank moms and caregivers all around the world who give so much, selflessly. Wish all of you a very happy mother's day.


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