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Mauka Mauka, once again

Heavy chances of rain in Manchester on Sunday. Atheist have no option but to think positive, but the believers can pray to their Almighty's. The world needs a miracle on Sunday, for it is the biggest and the most awaited match of the 2019 World Cup. India vs Pakistan has been everyone's favourite as the rivalry is far beyond just cricket. One thing is for sure: when they meet India in a World Cup, they fail miserably and TVs get smashed into pieces. They have locked horns with us six times and never won. I just hope that the rain doesn't interrupt the play. This is how every Indian waits for this match. We don't care about the world cup, just win this match. The way we cheer, it definitely would reach Pakistan.

Pakistan has never won against India in a World Cup, ever before. In case the match is abandoned, it will be the very first time in the history of World Cup that Pakistan will gain a point against India. Be that as it may. What if the match is reduced to 20 overs each? Do Pakistan have a chance then? No, they haven’t won against India in World T20 either. Odds, history, and skills are all against them. Only luck or India’s mistakes will get them the long eluded victory. Which won't be the case because Indian cricket team has also been waiting for the very same moment. All the anger in every Indian and all the revenge ends up being taken on this pitch and this very match. Let us all #BleedBlue once again.


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