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Take A Break.

What happens when you ride a vehicle for a long? What happens when you use a hairdryer for more than a few minutes? What happens when you spin around for long? What happens when you overuse something? The answer to every question is the same, it breaks-down . What we don't realise is that our body also works the same way. If it doesn't get proper rest, proper time to relax or even proper time to think, it breaks-down. We need to give it suitable time to relax, to sleep and recharge. When I say 'relax', I mean it away from phone. Phone has turned out to be boon for us and it really is in every way but we use it way too much. Our idea of relaxing is scrolling through social media on our phones or just play games on it. This is not relaxing, if at all it's anything, it's just making our brain work more. Our brain processes emotions while scrolling through Instagram, excitement and anger while gaming, anxiety while seeing others on Facebook or just purely mixed feelings while on WhatsApp. This is not the way we can make most out of us. Sure, sleeping is relaxing and you get a good 8-hour sleep everyday but that isn't enough. What we really need is time to think. Go and look out your window and thoughts will pop right up. Go out and have a coffee with your friend without taking pictures or checking your phone, repeatedly. Just sit in a chair. Think. Think about anything you like, literally. This is what will boost your life. Boost your productivity. Boost you, overall.

This has to become a really important part of all our lives. Learning to spend time away from everything else.All our luxuries have become our needs and we can't help it now but before it takes over our entire life, we can do ourselves good. Help ourselves. This is what the secret mantra is. Give time to yourself. TAKE A BREAK.


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