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Take Up A Hobby

So, 2019 is about to end. After the next 3 days, we will not only enter a new yar but a new decade as well. Yes, you can argue that there was no year zero zero and the new decade will technically start with 2021, but it doesn't matter. New Year is one of the most joyous times of the year and I really enjoy New Years'. All of us can come together and celebrate. We survive another year and are definitely stronger than ever. We forget all our differences and just drown ourselves in the joy.

Everyone of us makes some new year resolutions, even if we choose to not say it out loud. How many times have you really stuck with your resolution and completed it? Let me tell you, I haven't been to follow my resolution even once. I would often set goals that aren't realistic and I wouldn't even enjoy trying to achieve them. I've realised, you cannot achieve something unless you enjoy doing it.

So, this year, take baby steps. Start with a hobby. Set up small goals. Achieve them, crush them. Start reading books, not 50 in the entire year but start to finish one in a month. This is how you'll grow. Forget all your previous goals, make new ones, small ones. I believe I will crush my goals and so can you. This year, let's do something great.


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