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The Contest

A week ago, on 27th March, we organised an amazing contest by the name of #HouseGotTalent. You can find the details of the contest by clicking here.

The whole purpose of this contest was to bring the community together and make social distancing a little more fun. My aim was to spread love that the world needs right now. It is what it sounds like, everyone exhibiting amazing talent [but] from their living rooms. I am glad to say that our community is among the best when it comes to bringing everyone together. We received 400+ entries and a lot of different suggestions. I was doing this contest from my own pocket, from the money I saved but as we approached the deadline, I received a mail from a company wanting to anonymously sponsor this whole thing. Not only that, they agreed to donate an equal amount to a charity helping feed the poor & needy. I am quite happy with the results and I hope you are too. The winners have been declared and they have received their prizes. I hope, we all will keep getting together, no matter the cause or the prize. I hope we can do more of these contests where our community comes together and supports each other.


Coronavirus is still deadly and we still have a long way to go against this fight. We have to do whatever we can to prevent spread of this virus, even if it means a total lockdown of ourselves within our homes for the unforeseen future. We need to maintain social distance and avoid going out of our homes unless absolutely necessary.

With this being said, we also need to take care of the less fortunate. People who work on daily wages and don't have food to eat. If you cannot help them directly, I request you to please contribute towards your local food banks or NGOs which help those in need. This crisis is a lot tougher on them than it is on us. Nevertheless, the least you can do is inform our authorities about any issues you or anyone faces during these tough times.


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