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this is where we're going to WAR, next.

You might not even know this but we are already preparing for the next war. It is going to happen sooner than you think and it is not about water, climate change or consumption of resources. It is just going to be about CHINA, and how it is leveraging destruction to gain power.

This is the South China Sea. It is a very wide region south of China and shared by countries with a total population of over 2 billion people. There are very strict and distinct guidelines as to what portion of the water can be treated as part of the country. It is specified as 200 miles from the shore. Any portion which doesn't come within 200 miles of a country, is treated as international waters and the resources are supposed to be shared by all the countries surrounding. There are immense and expensive resources such as oil and natural gas hidden under the untapped floors of the sea. China, however, claims that the entire sea is under their jurisdiction. They follow the Nine-Dash Line. This has caused many problems.

There are many small islands in the sea. China is slowly blocking these islands and overpowering other nations. They surround the islands with naval ships and block communication and any supply of resources to the island. It has already blocked a few island which come under the claim of Philippines. Moreover, China has always declared Taiwan as part of China instead of a separate nation. All of this tension is pilling up. The world is already against China due to the Coronavirus and China is still increasing its military spend at ~6% YoY.

White House insiders have already declared that a war in the South China sea is less than 10 years away. This statement comes from high ranking authorities. So, no matter how much we try to avoid the war, we are going to be a part of it sooner than we might imagine.


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