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Two Day Rule

I know how difficult it might get to stick to your targets or get things done. It is has been very difficult for me as well. The 2 Day Rule is the one rule in particular that I can credit to be influential in my personal life. It has empowered me to maintain a successful habit over the past 20 weeks. So, what is the two rule, how does it help and why are rules so impactful in changing the way of our lives?

Our brains are terrible at remembering. That's why it is easy to get excited about building a habit and just as easy to give up on it. It is like you have a brilliant business idea that could change the world, just before going to bed but decided not to write it down. You wake up the next day scrambling and searching for the idea in your brain files but it's gone. Many of us suffer from addictions including social media, alcohol and drugs. If we are left with our devices, we would do pretty much everything but the right things, or at least, the things that we want to do. If we don't set rules for ourselves, we are simply letting our current desires move our path out of a line. If we focus on what we value most, we can create a set of rules which can be a powerful way to regain control of our personal and professional life in a way we cannot imagine. To do anything, we have to overcome 'resistance'.

"Resistance makes us less than we are and are born to be" - Steven Pressfield

The two day rule gives you the freedom to do what you want and still stick to your path. I act as a keystone habit – a ripple effect on other habits. It is very simple. You cannot allow yourself to take off more than one day in a row. Be it anything, you cannot skip more than one day in a row. It allows you to take days off, multiple days a week but it also means that you will be committed to your goal and prevent yourself to fall back.

I hope you are doing good and the quarantine life is treating you well. I heartily wish that you and your family stay healthy and have everything you need.


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