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Will We Go To MARS?

Well, it's possible, but not anytime soon.

NASA says the first humans will land on Mars in the mid - 2030s. SpaceX has a very different and quicker timeline, which to be honest, is not that believable. ISRO, on the other hand, has no programs to send humans to Mars, yet. We have detailed studies about the red planet with the very first exploration being in the year 1988. We know a lot about the planet but we don't know everything. We might never know everything, that's true but we don't know enough. Some experts believe otherwise. We need to collect more data about the planet before sending humans.

Mars is nearly half the size of Earth and while the length of day is almost the, it takes twice as much to orbit the sun. One other important factor that we need to consider is gravity. Mars' gravity is 0.375 times that of Earth. This gives rise to other problems like a low density atmosphere. I have explained the problems of the red planet in another blog, check it out by clicking here.

The major issue with sending humans to Mars is about essentials. It will take upto a year for humans to reach Mars. After which, they will have to take care of the essential supplies like food and water, themselves. We can't send everything that is needed. We are yet to figure out what grows on the planet and what won't. We have experiment programs running but they can be unpredictable and will most definitely not give the same results. Also, they will take almost a year to return to Earth. Considering all these factors, we are still very far from actually sending humans to Mars.


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