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What Next?

It is a question that always pops up, everywhere. Family gathering? Hard luck but you will have to answer this every 10 minutes. So, what is next? Everyone expects you to be ready with something, be ready with your future plans. What will you do after completing your studies, what will you do if your business doesn’t work out, what will you do if this or that happens? What nobody understands is - everything fails at some point of time. You can never plan what ahead because you don’t know yourself. Live in the present, enjoy your college days, enjoy having your first business meeting, enjoy your first salsa lessons or go on a cheat day from yourself.

Breathe. That’s the key to everything. Take your time with yourself, relax for a while and don’t think about what next. You should be ready to face whatever is coming at you and you will be if you just breathe. You will accomplish your goals, climb the toughest hill, propose to your crush, succeed in business, travel and everything you wish for, if you are ready to give it time.

Just Breathe.


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