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A Trip w/ Cousins

Everyone I have ever met has said that it is awkward to go out on a casual only-cousin trip and it is rather fun to do the same things with your friends. I couldn't agree more. I absolutely believe in the same & I too have faith that it is a lot more fun with your friends. But what if your cousins feel more like your friends? It beats everything else. I am lucky to have such amazing people in my life. My mother has two brothers and a sister, and all of us children have always bonded really well though there have been family issues amongst our parents. I remember being too excited to go over and meet them in my vacations and play silly-stupid games. Those are the memories I cherish.

But like everyone else, we eventually lost touch growing up. We too got so busy with our lives that it never occurred to us what we are leaving behind. There have been months that we have gone through without contact and birthdays that we haven't wished each other, though the latter was rarely the case. Inspite of all this, when we meet, there is nothing but eternal bond and coziness between us. We all are really comfortable around each other and there is nothing awkward among us.

Yesterday, my cousins & I finally managed to act on a plan and go to Essel World. The planning wasn't easy and till the last day I didn't believe that we would actually go. I had full faith that even if nobody cancels, rain would spoil everything. Plus, our schedules would never match up and there were many other excuses that we could find of not going to this trip. You start procrastinating after you have not met someone for a long time and suddenly make up plans. This was what was happening all along. Surprisingly, nobody cancelled and we went ahead with our plan. I won't say that Essel World is an amazing place but what made this trip wonderful were the ones I was going with. The love amongst us that we thought had faded over the years was only missing until we met. The bond that was now occupied with jobs, friends and our lifestyle just needed us to see each other once again. Things really are the same if you think about it, you're grown up but what you have with your close ones, never changes, no matter how hard times are or how different situation gets. This amazing day made me realise that my cousins are my very first friends. I hope everyone faced a little nostalgia like I did and things stay this way forever.

I love you xx

Also, India won, 7-0. Hurray 🥳 🇮🇳

Perfect end to a perfect day.


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